I Love Making Baby Stuff!

I occasionally get commissioned to make baby stuff! I love making them. So soft and so small…oh, goodness, it is all so cute! Loveys are my favorite to make!


These are some I have made in the past, unfortunately I can’t remember what patterns I used…but they are all free on Ravelry!

The other day, my older sister asked me if I could make one for her Commander’s baby that is due at the end of May. She wanted one with a bull, based off of their squadron patch!


Since the Commander is having a girl, she wanted it to be soft and feminine.

A cutesy, girlie lovey with a bull as the animal?

Challenge accepted.

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My Sister’s Getting Married!

My twin sister, who I call Juju, is getting married this month! OMG. It has come up so fast!! Remember when I posted about making her a something blue? It feels like forever ago! Next thing I knew, it was time to perform my MOH duties and throw her a bridal shower!

Of course, like the fluff-brained-flake I am, I forgot to take photos AT the shower.


I do, however, have photos of all of the goodies I made for her! I made a wreath for her door (which also served as a marker to find the room we were throwing it in!), as well as the favors!

This post is a bit photo-heavy, so I am throwing it behind a cut. Click “Continue Reading” below to see it all!


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WHY hadn’t I thought of this, yet??

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a pack rat…err…bunny. I hoard like a ruddy dragon.

Okay, so that is an exaggeration. I just have a lot of stuff, and a small room. I make it work.

At any rate, like many yarn crafters (or crafters in general), I have tons of the tools of my trade laying about (namely, the yarn). My tools are stored nice and organized in a bin that I bought at Michaels during a back-to-school sale (it’s sad that the link only has them in white/clear…mine is blue!).

I should have taken a leaf out of my aunt’s book-of-awesome. She (and my uncle) are crafting GODS. Sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, smocking…between them, they do it all and I am constantly floored by what they accomplish. You should see the contraption my uncle uses to top-stitch his quilts with pretty designs! It fills the room!

…but I digress, as usual.

My aunt uses over-the-door storage to store her yarn. I have a few plastic drawers here and there, and a pile of bags full. Tired of tripping over bags and the like, I put my foot down and went to my local Five Below and purchased their over-the-door pocket organizer for (you guessed it) $5. This appears to be designed for anything small, but I wouldn’t use it for adult shoes (I wear a ladies 8M and they are a bit big for the pockets), and it is absolutely perfect for my collection of yarn balls and bonbons. The drawers are now for too-big-for-pockets skeins and balls.

The best part? I can see my floor!



No, I won’t show you a photo of my floor.

I wish Five Below has the blue triangles or solid black (they had solid pink and the one pictured that I bought), since I am more of the blues/greens/purples type than a pink type, but I am still exceedingly happy with it! Sure, upon close inspection, it is clearly a $5 item, but it’s just holding yarn which is really not that cumbersome. It will do it’s job nicely! Oh, and there are still 4 empty pockets. 😏

I love being organized!

Keeping things tidy,

Pattern: A Little Something Blue

“Something Old, Something New
Something Borrowed, Something Blue
And a Penny in Your Shoe.”

When my sister became engaged earlier this year, I immediately called dibs on creating her “something blue.” I immediately thought of making blue flowers, which made me think of Forget Me Nots. These beautiful little blue flowers are delicate and mean “true love that creates a connection that lasts through time.” They also mean fidelity in relationships. Sort of the perfect wedding flower, don’t you think?

I did a google search, and I immediately knew I could create these flowers on my own! So, I broke out my yarn and my tools and got to work, and I decided to share this pattern with the internet. It is a fairly simple pattern, aside from just being small. Each blossom is about the size of a quarter (which is, frankly, much larger than the actual flower, but I wanted them to be visible as flowers from a distance).

Just like with my previous pattern, click on the “Continue Reading” link at the end to get to the pattern itself. Since some of this pattern was hard for me to explain, so I also included pictures. Please, let me know what you think!

The excited MOH,
💖 Please do not sell or reproduce this pattern or the finished product! Thank you! 💖

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Pattern: Fairy Trinket Pouch

I wanted a small drawstring bag to store trinkets in, and I thought, “Hey, I have never made one without a pattern before…” So, I did! It is a great size for jewelry, travel-sized toiletries, or small gifts! It would probably be a great little purse for a little girl, too!

When I decided to post this, I was just going to call it a “Small Drawstring Bag,” but the name “Fairy Pouch” stuck in my head. Maybe it is the moss green color? I don’t know, haha, but there it is. It is a simple pattern and great for beginners!

(The awesome “Wreck it Ralph” bottle cap necklace is from The Monostache! Cute and nerdy stuff aplenty over there!)

Click “Continue Reading” below to find the pattern. Enjoy!

Creatively yours,
💖 Please do not sell or reproduce this pattern or the finished product! Thank you! 💖

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A few years back, I stumbled across a blog called Disneybound. It was all over Tumblr and Pinterest, and it was getting imitated like crazy! Well, being a cosplayer and a HUGE Disney nerd, I fell in love instantly, of course! Eventually, I learned to crochet, so of COURSE I had to incorporate crocheted accessories into my “bounds.”

Since I already feel as though I am neglecting this site (and it’s connecting Facebook Page 😅), I suddenly thought to write about my love of Leslie Kay’s fashionable phenomenon and how I love to add my love of the craft of crochet to my love of putting together my Bounds.

Disneybounding (or just the colloquial “Bounding”) is about being fashionable and having fun while showing off your love of Disney and it’s unforgettable characters. It is not, however, about dressing in a costume or “cosbounding.” Cosbounding is when people dress in cosplay (costume + play, for those who are curious) and call it a Bound.

No. A costume does not a Disneybound make! Disneybounding is a great way to go to the parks in style without breaking the “No Costumes over the age of 14” rule in the Disney Parks dress code. Yes, they have one. It’s not hard to put together a great bound, but it is just as simple to cross the line into the realm of cosplay/cosbound. It’s all about editing and asking yourself, “Would I be comfortable pumping gas in this?” I ask myself this when I am putting together an outfit for a trip to the parks on my day off. Every. Single. Time. Now, I have pumped gas in my Wonder Girl cosplay on my way to Megacon one year. I have gone to Walmart in full Lolita. It takes a lot for me to be outright uncomfortable, but in both situations, I could have easily said where I was going to explain my attire if asked. It would be odd for me to be in my full Wonder Girl cosplay for no reason. It should never be odd to wear your favorite Disneybound ensemble.

Guh, that got a little “Disneybound vs. Cosplay 101.” I’m sorry! 😖 Back to the topic at hand: fun, FUN, FUN!!! I want to share some of my outfits that incorporate my love of crochet with you all!

I am going to put the rest of this post behind a cut because it is going to get photo-heavy!

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Welcome to the Rabbit Hole!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the official website for The Rabbit Hooker (and that is crochet hook, you sickos! 😉)! It’s going to be really basic because that is about as far as my skills take me, haha! I hope to post about my crochet projects that I have made, the online store I am working on, and maybe even get around to posting some original patterns.

If I post a finished project, I will say if it is an original piece or I will post credit to the designer. If I post nothing, it is probably because I am a flake with fluff for brains and either forgot to post it…or I forgot where the pattern came from.

Have a picture of one of my cats with the blanket I made her! She loves Caron Cake yarn!


©Rabbit Hooker Crochet

Happy crocheting!